Why Losing Touch with Print could Lose you Sales

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Why Losing Touch with Print could Lose you Sales

Okay, so it’s true we live in a technical age where everything is at our fingertips, we have ‘disposable’ information ‘on tap’ through search engines and we read on average 285 pieces of information daily.  We get saturated in the stuff, which means only the best and most relevant information manages to make it to the end of the day and certainly only the prominent make it to be referenced at a later date.  

On the whole, we are all just too busy to stop and read, save, bookmark, etc.  Remembering to go back to a piece of information is like tying a knot in the proverbial handkerchief. Remembering to tie the knot is as much a challenge as remembering what the knot represents.  

No worries, print is on your side.  Many of us claim that writing something down or having something physical to touch helps us remember.  64% of 16-24 year olds prefer printed books over their electronic counterparts and a massive 92% of further education students prefer print too.  This is because the touching makes it real.  Having print allows us in even the smallest way to engage, mark, manipulate and share on a physical level.  

Business cards and leaflets have taken a massive decline through the use of technologies such as e-shots and contact cards and mobile phones, making promotional goods invaluable when it comes to getting your contact details out there, seen and remembered.  Don’t get lost in a sea of data contacts.

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